​Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials



Ms.    Sheena Ferguson -   President -  Orange County Business Development Division
Ms.    Michelle Andrewin -  Vice-President -  School District of Palm Beach County
Ms.    Shari Francis, CPA -  Treasurer -  Broward County Public Schools
Ms.    Aneth Williams -  Secretary -  Central Florida Expressway Authority
Dr.     Bridget Lee -  Historian -  Orlando Utilities Commission
Mr.    Cedri Joseph -   Parliamentarian - Polk County BOCC - Office of Supplier Diversity
Mr.    Felix Bratslavsky-  District 1 -  Tampa General Hospital
Ms.    Beth Tramel -  District 2 -  Duval County Public School Minority Business Affairs Office
Ms.    LaTanya Raffington -  District 3 -  City of Tallahassee Minority/Disadvantaged Business Office
Attorney Brian Williams -  District 4 -  Miami-Dade County School District
Mr.   Byron Raysor -  District 5 -  City of Orlando
Ms. Pamela Frazier - Past Ex-Official - Palm Beach County Office of Small Business
Mr.   Franklin Cross -  Past Ex-Official -  Office of the Chief of Staff - Tampa

Many FAMBEO board members and members dedicated their time and expertise to help build this great organization. We wish to thank the following individuals for their valuable participation in the development and strategic planning process: