The Milestones Reached

Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials (FAMBEO) was founded by a group of minority, women and disadvantaged business enterprise professionals whose goal was to share information with federal, state, small businesses and local government administrations to create and promote equal opportunities in procurement and contracting.

​To advance its mission, FAMBEO offers a broad array of services, including: Educating professionals in the effective administration of supplier diversity programs, Establishing a channel of communication among supplier diversity professionals, Serving as a voice for supplier diversity programs, Monitoring and addressing local, state and federal legislation and drafting individual letters of support to the Governor, Cabinet and other legislative decision makers.

  • Developing standards and educating professionals in the effective administration of Disadvantaged/ Minority/Small/Women Business Enterprise Programs
  • Serving as a voice for minority and women business enterprise programs
  • Establishing an effective channel of communication among Disadvantaged/Minority/Small/Women Business Enterprise (D/M/S/WBE) Officials and D/M/S/WBEs
  • Monitoring and addressing local, state and federal legislation.

​Florida Association of Minority Business Enterprise Officials

  • In 1986, FAMBEO was started as a state delegation within a national organization.
  • In August 1987, FAMBEO was incorporated in the state of Florida.
  • In the late 1980s, FAMBEO helped conceive and draft the legislation that is referred to presently in the Florida Statutes as the Small Business Assistance Act. This legislation was the foundation for the state’s Minority Business Program and the Black Business Investment Corporations (BBICs).
  • In 1988, FAMBEO coordinated and hosted the first conference of the National Minority Business Enterprise/Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance organization in Orlando, Florida. In 1990, FAMBEO was among the first groups to respond to the challenges of the 1989 Croson vs. Richmond decisioni by providing training and information on how to keep minority programs in place.
  • In 1990, FAMBEO presented a sound legislative agenda to key state legislators, resulting in initiatives for reciprocal certification.
  • In the 1990s, FAMBEO members were often consulted by state legislators and other leaders to address committees and make recommendations regarding minority business programs.
  • In 1994, FAMBEO was an essential part of the Florida Statewide Uniform Certification Taskforce, which primarily consisted of FAMBEO members. The Taskforce created a uniform certification application and uniform rules for certification for entities across the state. By 1999, there were over 60 partners that recognized this innovative body of work.
  • In 1994-95, FAMBEO was instrumental in the creation of the Commission on Minority and Economic Business Development, a very progressive piece of legislation for its time.
  • ​In 1995, FAMBEO members led the effort to defeat a Florida State University disparity study because it was considered a flawed report. As a result of these efforts, a new study was commissioned in 1997.
  • In 1998, FAMBEO took a leadership role in fighting off the threats of Ward Connerly, an outspoken national anti-affirmative action advocate. FAMBEO successfully protected the state constitution from having language that would have outlawed affirmative action at the local governmental level.
  • Starting in 2001, FAMBEO began its transition from being an advocacy-oriented organization to being a professional development-​focused organization that offered more training programs for its members.​

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